Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Five Fashionistas

Animal print is a huge trend for fall. I find it so crazy that so many people I know are afraid to wear this trend. The key to wearing animal print is wearing it in small doses. If you wear it head to toe you're going to look like that animal...and that's not the look we're going for!  :-P

Today the Five Fashionistas are showing you how to embrace this trend, and wear it right.

 Jen- If I could be any animal in the jungle, I would see myself being a monkey since I love moving around and I can get pretty obnoxious.

Diane- I'd be a zebra---kind of nervous, yet rather social.

 Issa- I'd want to be... a gazelle... graceful and exotic!
 Mel- I'd be an animal from the south, that way I know I'd be in nice weather all the time.

Tramanh- I'd be a monkey - quick witted, playful, and humorous.

1 comment:

Jayde said...

haha i coundn't agree more, subtlety is the key. love your shoes!:)