Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Style

I never really got too involved with including images of my own personal style here on Snapshot Fashion. But sometimes I put together outfits that I think are too cute not to post.

Often on the weekends I find myself dressing up. I have tons of skirts that are a little too short for work, so on the weekend I love to wear them. Even though I don't have a dress code at the office I just don't think miniskirts are all that appropriate. Today was a little bit on the chilly side (after the 20 inches of snow we got yesterday), so I wore my outfit with some very thick knit tights.

long sleeve tee- Old Navy
denim blazer- H&M
skirt- H&M
belt- H&M
tights- H&M
boots- Wanted from

My dog Rocko (he's a lhasa-poo) wanted to get in on the photos too. Isn't he a cutie???

What do you think? Should I make My Style a regular feature on Snapshot Fashion? Or are there already enough blogs out there filled with outfit posts that you really don't need another one. Let me know your thoughts!  :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Snapshot Fashion...

This morning I received a comment from a very stylish blogger, Diya.

She asked:
I've been looking for a simple, thin black and white striped form-fitting long sleeve top and you'll think they're everywhere but I can't find one! Can you help?

So I took it upon myself to help out a fellow fashionista. This request didn't sound too difficult because I swear I see these tops everywhere. But, to my surprise this was the hardest thing to come by! Maybe a few months ago before the spring clothing was put out it might have been a bit more common to find. Now Diya, if you change your mind and are fine with short sleeves, cardigans, 3/4 sleeves, or different colors...let me know. Because I came across a TON of those.

Can you believe I found ONE top? ONE! O-N-E!!!!!! And technically it isn't even really a top...but a bodysuit. Personally, I love bodysuits. I tend to wear my tops tucked in most of the time, and wearing a bodysuit just keeps everything neatly in place.

This Printed Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit from American Apparel will do the trick for you! And as an added bonus, the back of this is AMAZING! Don't you think? For $36 this bodysuit is a must have. No matter if you wear it with jeans, black pants, or a mini'll always look fabulous in it.

Diya, I really hope this helped a little!!!

***Now if you have a question you want to ask Snapshot Fashion, please feel free to send an email to:


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Love Colors---WINNER

A winner was just drawn for the We Love Colors givewaway. And the winner is---

Vanessa S.


Dress Like a Celebrity

One star that has casual chic down is Reese Witherspoon. She always looks so pulled together...even when she is just heading out to the grocery store or the nail salon. Check out this recent photo of her taken while out doing some errands.

I've put together my version of this look (which is very affordable by the way!). To see where the items can be purchased just click on the collage below.

Would You Wear This?

Something that I have been meaning to talk about for a while...JUMPSUITS. I have to admit, I'm not really a fan. Every now and then I might come across one that I would consider wearing...but for the most part this is a trend that I wish would have stayed in the 1970's.

Tyra Banks obviously loves this trend. Here she is wearing one to the CW: Welcome to Reality party in NYC. Now don't get me wrong, I love Tyra. Typically I think she looks amazing in just about anything and everything...but not this time. The tapered wrists and ankles...eeekkk! If this look doesn't look flattering on Tyra, the odds are it probably won't look all that great on you either.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it? Do you own a jumpsuit???


Survey Time!

A few times a year Snapshot Fashion likes to post a reader survey. We use the data compiled from this survey to make needed changes on Snapshot Fashion so that the reader has a more enjoyable experience while visiting. Please take a couple minutes to complete this survey. There are only 10 short questions. It won't take much of your time...but it will help Snapshot Fashion greatly.

Click Here to take survey

Thanks for your help!!!   :-)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Winner---Lipstick Queen

Well, I never heard back from I had to draw a new winner for the Lipstick Queen lipgloss giveaway.

The new winner taking her place is:


You should be getting an email from me please write me back as quickly as you can so that I can get your prize shipped out.  :-)

Look of the Day

Pick of the Day

Do you like to get noticed with your sense of style, and yet at the same time remain looking absolutely chic? Well then do I have the dress for you! Please check out this beautiful Strangers on a Train Dress from ModCloth. The bold shade of fuchsia really makes this dress pop. At the same time the lace overlay adds a touch of elegance to the frock. If you are interested in this dress I wouldn't wait if I were you because I'm sure it will sell out fast. It's way too pretty not to!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Model Monday

Today we're featuring one of my favorite models who is taking the modeling world by storm: Emma Pei.

Born in: Ankui, China
Year of birth: 1986
Also known as: Bei Pei
Agency: IMG


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Love Colors---giveaway!

We Love Colors recently sent over a pair of their popular MicroFiber Tights for myself to check out and review. I don't really do reviews all that often, but was super excited about trying out a pair of tights. You have to understand, I really am obsessed with legwear! Can you believe that this is the first pair of tights I have tried out from We Love Colors??? I almost couldn't believe it either.

Let's start off with the colors---THEY.ARE.ENDLESS. 51 colors to be exact! Everything from scarlet red to sky blue...and every shade in between. I received a pair of lavender tights...and I was extremely surprised as to how vivid the color was when I opened my package.

The bold colors aren't the only things that set these tights apart from the rest, but the quality of the product was wonderful. So soft. So thick. My dog even jumped up in my lap a few times today and didn't put any pullies in them! Do you know how many pairs of tights my pup has ruined because of this??? COUNTLESS! So I was really quite pleased to see that they held up.  :-)

One might think that tights this bright and bold would be difficult to pair with an outfit. I didn't find that the case though. I had about five or six different outfits pulled...everything from LBD's with black pumps, to denim skirts with knee high brown boots. But I decided to wear them with a funky dress, cardigan, and flat boots (sorry about the image, it looks like I have no makeup on. I was going to go outside, but even though it was almost 50 today I was too cold!).

dress- silence + noise from Urban Outfitters
cardigan- silence + noise from Urban Outfitters
tights- We Love Colors
boots- Steve Madden from Piperlime

I'm so excited to tell my readers that you too can try out a pair of their tights. Snapshot Fashion is hosting a giveaway courtesy of We Love Colors! One reader will win a pair of their Solid Color MicroFiber Tights in the color of their choice.

Rules to enter:
1) leave a your name and email address
2) you must be a Snapshot Fashion follower via Google Friend Connect
3) please tell us which color you would like to win, and what you would wear them with
4) for an extra entry, please tweet about this contest via Twitter

You have from now until Wednesday, February 24th at 3pm eastern time to enter. This contest is for US residents only. One winner will be drawn via


Please make sure you check out We Love Colors. You really will be happy with the many different items they have. While you are at it be sure to add them on Twitter and Facebook.

***Thanks so much to We Love Colors for providing me with tights to review, as well as a pair for one of my readers!

Lipstick Queen WINNERS!

Thanks so much to everyone that entered the Lipstick Queen lip gloss giveaway! We used to draw the winners and they are:

Mim (
Cole (
Crystal (

I will be emailing all of the winners...and will have to hear back from you within the next 48 hours or I will have to pick another winner.

Thanks so much to all of you that entered...and stay tuned for some more fun giveaways!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cover Story

Since it is Friday I thought I'd end this very long work week with a fun Cover Story post. Snapshot Fashion is featuring March 2010 Elle magazine covers from around the globe.



 South Africa



Isn't it neat to see the different trends and styles from around the world? Which cover is your favorite? I love UK and South Africa!


Giveaway Reminder

I noticed that a lot of people have already entered the Lipstick Queen giveaway that Snapshot Fashion is hosting. If you haven't had a chance to enter please make sure that you get your entries in by 6pm eastern time on Sunday, February 21st. I will pick three winners at that time.

To enter please CLICK HERE and follow the entry rules.

Thanks and good luck!

Look of the Day

Flashback Friday

When I came across this image I had to do a triple take...because I did not recognize this actress at all. The hair totally threw me for a loop.

Do you have any idea who this is?

See who this is after the jump...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look of the Day

Shopping Roundup

~ Arden B. has an amazing clearance sale going on right now. When you buy one item you will get a second item for only $5.

~ For a limited time at LOFT get 25% off of any full priced purchase that includes a pair of pants. Enter promo code PANTS25 at checkout.

~ Take an additional 30% off of your purchase at Esprit when you enter the promo code HEARTESPRIT at checkout. Today is the last day this sale is active.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look of the Day

*Lipstick Queen Giveaway*

Thanks to Lipstick Queen we're hosting a fantastic makeup giveaway where THREE readers will be picked to win lip gloss from their Fifteen Minutes of Fame Collection!

What we love about this product is all the amazing shades...15 to be exact! Lipstick Queen states that this product has the most extensive range of gloss with no shimmer, no stickiness...just pure Pop Art Color.

Rules for entering this giveaway:
1) You must live in the United States.
2) You must be a Snapshot Fashion follower via Google Friend Connect.
3) Leave your name and email address.
4) Tell us which particular shade of gloss from the Fifteen Minutes of Fame Collection you would want to win and why you love that color!
5) For an extra entry, please tweet about this giveaway on Twitter.

You have from now until 6pm eastern time on Sunday, February 21st to enter. So please make sure you enter by then! The three winners will be drawn at random via


Monday, February 15, 2010

Model Monday

It's that means it is time to feature a new model for our readers to get to know. Today we're featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw. If her name is new to you, take note...because she is taking the modeling world by storm.

Born on: June 12, 1987
Nationality: Australian
Lives in: New York City
Agency: Next


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

NYFW---Lela Rose

What a morning I have had. Just got back from the Lela Rose show at Bryant Park...and what a show it was! Now I have been to some fashion shows in the past...but this was the first one I have attended in the tents. So you must understand just how excited I was...not only to be attending a show there, but Lela Rose! I JUST LOVE HER!

designer Lela Rose

After the jump you'll find some of my favorite designs and video from the show.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celebrities at NYFW

So many celebrities have been making hitting up the shows at the tents. Gotta enjoy Bryant Park while they still can for New York Fashion Week. Moving the tents to Lincoln Center next season just won't be the same!
Some celebs that have been spotted---

Heidi Klum and Faith Hill
I want your opinions on Heidi's outfit...honestly, I'm not feeling it.

Kerry Washington and Amanda Peet
In my mind Kerry always looks so fab!

Rachel Zoe
I DIE!!!

Kelly Osbourne and Gwen Stefani
First off, Kelly looks soooo skinny here...but not in a bad way. And Gwen looks so glam as always. Maybe next season she'll invite me to see her L.A.M.B. show...*sigh*

Sheila Frank's Fall '10 Show/After Party

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to attend Sheila Frank's Fall '10 presentation. I met up with Jen and Kelly (my giveaway winners)...and can I just say, they were so nice and fun. It was lovely meeting you both!!!
myself, Kelly, and Jen

Sheila Frank explains that her collection entitled "Death by Paparazzi" will show us how it feels to be modern day royalty amidst the chaos of stalkers, adoring and sometimes obsessed fans, angry outbursts, and most-importantly the threat of violence.

This collection was bright and bold in shades of red, white, and plum. I just loved the color choices and the styles. Jen, Kelly, and I were talking and all agreed that everything in the collection was very wearable. Personally I loved the blazers she designed!

Check out more photos from her presentation, as well as pictures from the after party after the jump.