Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interview with Julia Bristow

We recently have put together an interview with jewelry designer Julia Bristow. Her work is amazing...beautiful bead work, fun fruit jewelry, and rockin' guitar straps. We definitely see a bright future ahead of this talented designer! Even though she is rather new to this line of work, she comes off as a seasoned professional.


Snapshot Fashion: What inspires you when you are designing jewelry?
Julia Bristow: I am very much inspired by the beads themselves and when I find some beautiful gemstones or flower beads, I find that I immediately think of something in nature that they remind me of and I usually then go on to create a piece of jewelry that looks similar to the nature scene I have in mind.

SF: What is your favorite type of jewelry to make?
JB: I have quite a variety and haven't actually discovered my favorite yet. I sometimes like weaving things with seed beads, which seems to be sort of a type of meditation to me. Since I love beads so much, I really enjoy making beaded charm bracelets as that allows me to use a large amount of beads to create an item filled with the combination of beads I like at the moment. Fruit jewelry is always fun. I really enjoy making healing gemstone jewelry I love working with gemstone beads – I love making something that has a purpose and that will hopefully help someone through a difficult time.

SF: Use three adjectives to describe your designs.
Colorful, natureful, abundant!

SF: I love your fruit jewelry. How did you come up with that idea?
I used to collect vintage jewelry and came across some old vintage fruit "Carmen Miranda" jewelry for sale on Ebay. I bought a few of them and once I learned to make jewelry, I had the desire to create a piece that was more realistic looking. I wanted it to have grapes that looked real and juicy. When I first started making these, I thought I was just making them for myself for my own collection, but they became quite popular and they are actually one of the most popular sellers on my site.

You'll be pleased to know that Julia will be participating in a craft show/shopping event called "Unique Los Angeles". This will be taking place December 13th & 14th.
To read the entire interview we did with Julia please check out Snapshot Fashion's MySpace blog. Also make sure you stop by Julia Bristow Jewelry's website, blog, and MySpace page.

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