Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colorful Pants for Spring

Tomorrow is April 1st and the weather here in the northeast is anything but spring-like. I'm hoping that one day soon warmer weather will be brought my way...until then, here's to daydreaming about spring.

This season everyone is talking about bright pops of color (particularly bright and bold pants). I will be the first one to admit, I do not own any colorful pants...but I do adore this trend. Colorful pants are a nice break from the typical blue jeans and I really think that it's a trend we should all try. Wearing bright pops of color like this just makes you happier, right? Hey, it puts a smile on my face.  :-)

Here are some of my favorite colored pants for the season---

BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pant available at Urban Outfitters- $49

Slim Waistband Crop Pants available at ASOS- $62.76

Tab Front Peg Linen Pants available at ASOS- $62.76

Broken-in Skimmer available at Gap- $49.50

What color could you see yourself in for spring?

Do you have a picture of yourself wearing this trend? If so, we'd love to see it. Just send a snapshot to


Kimberlee said...

I really need to invest in some colorful pants! I really like those blue ones :)

Anna said...

the j brand jeans came up with the whole bright jean collection

Nnenna said...

I really love the bright blue color too! :)

star-crossed smile

Aquí said...

love brights for spring! Congrats on making links á la mode :)

Gabi said...

Love it, this is the season for colorful pants after all. I think not only for women but for men too. Please check out our post too