Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interview with Mary Beirne of gla.MAR.ous

I've met designer Mary Beirne a few times in the past while at different events. She designs for her label, gla.MAR.ous, which is so fabulous. I knew that her designs would be a favorite of my readers...so doing an interview with her seemed like the perfect idea!

Snapshot Fashion: Your zipper headbands are incredibly original...you even patented them. Explain to the readers that might not be familiar with your work, what sets your headbands apart from all the other ones out there?
Mary Beirne: I love headbands, not the headache that goes along with it. Two hours into wearing one my head would hurt and I would have to take it off. My headbands are different from others out there. For one, they are made from a zipper and two, they all are designed with adjustable straps so you can tighten or loosen them all you want! With the gla.MAR.ous headbands there will no more headaches in your life.

SF: What inspires your designs?
MB: I am inspired by everything and everyone around me. My dreams, art, nature, people and so much more. It's funny sometimes I get inspired by the oddest things. For example, the zipper headbands were inspired by a bin full of zippers and a headache! 

SF: You may be known for making amazing headbands, but you also make adorable party dresses. Do you see this line of dresses expanding?
MB: Yes, definitely. I have so many different designs that I can’t wait for everyone to see. I have so many different ideas that I would love to get out there. I definitely think people will be in for a surprise!

SF: Which designers do you look up to, and why?
MB: I like different pieces from many different designers. If there is one designer I would pick it would be Betsey Johnson. I look up to Betsey Johnson because she knows what a girl wants. She always has new creative dresses or tops that every girl needs to get her hands on. She has fun with her collection and is not afraid to take a chance. I love that about her. 

SF: Tell us about the first item you ever designed.
MB: It was a white sleeveless mermaid silhouette with a long beautiful train. It shapes the upper body to the knee, and then flares out to the hem. I am big fan of this silhouette which I find very elegant.

SF: Out of all of the items in the gla.MAR.ous shop, which item are you most proud of?
MB: I would have to say all of the headbands. The whole concept. You cannot find it anywhere else this is why it is patented. It is a one of a kind creation. I love that I designed something that is so versatile and will not give that headache! I designed this headband so that there is a way to wear it for everyone out there, whether it be worn in a traditional way, hippie style, zipped or unzipped.

SF: Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?
MB: I see myself as a well established designer with a full line of dresses, tops, shoes, and more. I would love to have my designs carried in stores worldwide, maybe I’ll even open a boutique. The possibilities are endless!

Please be sure to check out Mary's line, gla.MAR.ous


Indy said...

Wow, your blog is lovely! I love this interview and her outfit is just so cute!

Sharon Lei said...

Great interview... lots of great things at her shop... :) LOVE IT ALL.

xx Love & Aloha

Christina said...

I love her shop! She has super cute headbands!