Friday, October 24, 2008

*Invite Only*

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for invitations to my favorite three invite only shopping sites, I am going to mention them one more time for all of my new readers. Shop It To Me, Rue La La, and Gilt Groupe are some of the best sale sites online. One catch have to be invited by a member in order to view their amazing deals. Good news for you, I am a member of all three! So if you are interested in joining them please send an email requesting an invite to:

These sites are free to join...and totally worth it! Happy shopping!!!


Anonymous said...

I have tried some of these sites, but I always go back to They have a lot of my favorite designers and I love their webzine.

Anonymous said...

I've been a member of Gilt Groupe for the past few months and am obsessed! I've scored some amazing deals :) Their new I'm Gilty section is super cute b/c you can send pictures of yourself wearing Gilt purchases!

Anonymous said...

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