Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Snapshot Fashion...

Dear Snapshot Fashion,

I have recently ventured into the world of online dating....and much to my surprise I am actually going to have dinner with someone i met!!!
I'm trying not to panic - I really did not expect to actually have any success with this and now I am stuck in-between paychecks (meaning I have no spending money to buy a new outfit) basically set myself up on a blind date and the guy is cute enough that I do actually want to show up and make a good impression. Scratch that. I want to make a GREAT first impression. So I must admit that it has been a very long time since I have been on any kind of formal date. This, of course, only adds to my panic. I don't know whether to wear jeans or a skirt....heels or flats...hair up, hair down.....my questions are endless...
I'm so nervous as it is....I'd like to at the very least to walk in that restaurant looking great so that even if we don't click, he can at least tell his friends i was cute.
Help me Snapshot Fashion! You're my only hope!

Scared of Spinsterhood


Dear Scared of Spinsterhood-

Wow, where do I begin?!?! First let me wish you luck on your date. Secondly, let me say this...CALM DOWN! Snapshot Fashion to the rescue!!! We are going to go over some basic dressing to impress guidelines and show you some outfits and items that you might already have in your closet that would look great for such an occasion.

I always say that it is better to dress up than be underdressed. Personally, I feel that first dates are rather casual. But I am in NO WAY saying you show up wearing sneakers and a ponytail. Jeans are always a great item to wear...but please make sure they fit you well (not baggy or too tight...and NO MUFFIN TOPS PLEASE!). Pair them with a cute top, cardigan, or blazer. I think if you wear jeans you should wear heels with them.However, if you are rather tall you can get away with ballet flats.

date outfit
date outfit - by snapshotfashion on Polyvore.com

date outfit
date outfit - by snapshotfashion on Polyvore.com

If you feel like showing some leg dresses and skirts are always a great option. But remember this is a date...not the office. So just make sure it is something cute and fun...and please keep it classy.

date outfit
date outfit - by snapshotfashion on Polyvore.com

date outfit
date outfit - by snapshotfashion on Polyvore.com

If you want some more inspiration we suggest checking out the styles of the following celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, and Lauren Conrad.


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Sal said...

What a FANTASTIC array of date-worthy outfits ... and so many styles covered! I adore the first one, that pop of color from the shrunken blazer is perfecto.