Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Came Early

This year my husband and I decided to exchange gifts early since we're going out of town over the holidays. Exchanging presents now seemed to make much more sense...that way we won't have to haul our gifts along with us and back. My husband actually went completely overboard this year. I think I'm pretty easy to shop for...if you know what I like. This year I got lots of great items that I just adore. Mostly clothing (but that was totally what I wanted) and some CDs filled my packages. Santa really did treat me extra good this year!  :-)

So what did I get??? Well here are a few of my FAVORITE items---

I got this beautiful Silence & Noise Long Side Zip Coat in dark plum. Can I just say, I LOVE THIS COLOR! I have been asking for this coat for the last few weeks...and I really didn't think I'd get it. It's so bold and so very me. The coat fits me perfectly...and I really love the unique zipper. It's a subtle way to add some edge.

I was in desperate need of a new black cardigan. This BDG Double Breasted Cardigan Sweater is so fabulous! It's rather light and super soft. I want to wear this every single day.

I also got a number of items from Brooklyn Industries (love that store!). One of my favorite items that I received from there is this Laura Silk Dress in black. I actually have it on today (along with some bright red tights). If you love it you might want to head on over there now because it has been drastically reduced in price. If you love the dress but don't like it in black it does come in a beautiful shade of blue as well.


Jen said...

what great christmas gifts! i'm especially loving that black double breasted cardigan :) it looks so comfy! you definitely hit the jackpot haha

Ashley said...

Wow! Great gifts. I really love the Silence & Noise zip coat. After looking at their site I kind of want the charcoal one!

Sounds like your hubby is a keeper :D

Nina said...

Your christmas gifts are amazing, you lucky girl!


Savvy Gal said...

U lucky gal. xo

HeatherClark said...

you did quite well this year! totally agree with you about the zipper placement....makes a surprisingly big difference

thanks so much for entering my necklace giveaway :) I'll be doing another once I reach 100 followers on my own blog

have a lovely holiday and enjoy your presents!

sharonlei said...

Yay for early Christmas! :) Great gifts.. your hubby did well. :) Where will you two be spending Christmas? I hope you have a merry one! Take care.

Love & Aloha, Sharon

Diane said...

ashley- yeah i loved the charcoal one too...but they didn't have my size.

sharon- we'll be leaving NYC tonight and will be heading to visit my family in Pennsylvania for the rest of the week

Sal said...

How fun! All great goodies, but the plum coat is just fantastic.

Nadine said...

Great gifts... I love the first one!

Hanako66 said...

these are made out!