Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Style

Today the weather in NYC was so beautiful! Too bad the majority of the day I was stuck inside because we had workers here fixing our bathroom. Of all days!!! The second they left my husband and I went for an extra long walk with our dog, Rocko.

Wearing a few light layers today felt just perfect in the 50 degree weather. I threw on some skinny jeans and my brown boots (I swear I wear these shoes way too much!) and I was ready to go.

blazer-Brooklyn Industries
turtleneck- H&M
scarf- gift friend brought back from Peru
skinny jeans- H&M
boots- Wanted
I was actually wearing a LOT of purple turtleneck, blazer, portions of my scarf, and even my jacket (which I have not shown here) are ALL purple!

Lastly, today is Rocko's 3rd birthday!!! I can't believe my little pup is growing up so fast!


Leah said...

Happy birthday Rocko! He's adorable. Love his dotted scarf.

Purple looks good on you... love your outfit. xoxo

Jen said...

i'm so in love with your scarf! (and rocko's scarf too haha, happy belated birthday to him!).
and i'm loving the recent weather too!!!