Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would You Wear This?

Sarah Jessica Parker showed up to the Moscow I Don't Know How She Does It press event in this scarlet Giambattista Valli gown...and I'm sitting here shaking my head. Is that a cape? SJP, really??? When I look at this I instantly think of Little Red Riding Hood...or The Queen of Hearts. It's just too much. Too much red, too much fabric. I say, take the cape off and she'd look so classy and elegant...not like she's wearing a costume.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear this???



AsianCajuns Lar said...

Oh I totally agree! Usually I think SJP can do no wrong, but it kind of looks like a red witch costume. Love the color on her though (I guess she does too)!

Anupriya Dutta said...

I like the dress. I would never wear t but the color and the cape somewhat empowers and brings her above everyone!
Nice post :)