Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lookin' Fab

I have to be 100% honest with you, I have no interest in seeing The Hunger Games. I know, I'm probably the only person who could care less about this movie...just not my cup of tea. But know what has me excited? Elizabeth Banks and her wardrobe at the premieres.

wearing Atelier Versace at LA premiere

wearing Bill Blass at London premiere

wearing Marc Jacobs at Paris premiere

wearing Elie Saab at Berlin premiere

Doesn't she look amazing? Which look is your favorite??? I can't pick a favorite...stunning is stunning.



Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love that yellow gown! =)

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Hahaha! We are so with you, Diane! Just yesterday Cath skyped me and was like "what is up with this Hungar Games thing and why is everyone going on about it." Not that they probably aren't great books, but I think they movie's marketing campaign was gang-busters and that's the reason for the constant buzz.
I love how colorful her dresses are -- bold and gorgeous!

two birds said...

i can't pick a favorite either. i love her bold choice of colors! and to be honest, i am not all that excited, either. i might read the books one of these days, but i'm in no rush!

CMA said...

you've got a great blog, keep it up!!


Life's a shoe said...

she looks great! I love the yellow dress!

Diane said...

thanks CMA! :)

Sara said...

She really has great style and a perfect body and she is so beautiful, I like her too and the dress from the second picture is absolutely amazing, I want one! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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