Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Toned Blazers

Blazers are always in fashion...especially on these cooler months. Where many of you live you might still be able to get away with wearing a blazer as your jacket (not here in NYC...I've been wearing my winter coats for weeks now!). We want to know what our readers think of two tones blazers. Recently they have been seen on a number of celebrities including Nicky Hilton and Blake Lively.



Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by!

those two looks are absolutely amazing. blazers are a wardrobe necessity!!

La C

Tiffany said...

very much into two tone blazers! I have one very similar to Nicky Hilton's.

heartofpearl♥ said...

i really love the white blazer!! the curves n gold buttons mmm!!x