Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Buzz

Currently I am trying to grow my hair out long so I have been doing anything and everything to keep it healthy. One serious problem with my hair is that it is so dry. To fix this issue I recently went out looking for a new leave-in conditioner and walked out of CVS with Hair Insurance by Aussie. I absolutely LOVE this product. It instantly made my hair light and silky...and the pineapple/coconut aroma leaves my hair smelling amazing.

Do you use a leave-in conditioner? Which brands do you love? Which brands do you hate?



Sofi said...

Wow, this is great, I'm trying to grow my hair out and have the same problem, the only thig is, and I know I should try to get some product but I go into a shop, look at all the stuff, are overwhelemd and walk out again, now I can go in, buy this and that's it, thank you so much :) I use Redken All soft shampoo and conditioner, and they are great I reckon (tip from a hairdresser friend in Sweden) I love Redken but it's just a bit expensive I think (but at least the UK are better than Sweden) anyways, thanks for posting :)

haute.teapot said...

that scent sounds amazing. i used to use pantene's leave-in conditioner and it made my hair soo easy to comb through. but lately i've been skipping it and it shows! i might have to try that though!