Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Past

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas!!! I hope all my readers have a fantastic holiday!  :-)

I thought it would be a fun to post some of my old holiday pictures on here today. So here's a look back at Christmas over the years...

first Christmas Eve at Grandma's house

decorating our tree

unsure about Santa

Santa brought me Shrinky Dinks!

Christmas Eve pose in front of Grandma's tree with my brother






3 comments: Maegan said...

I personally like 1984 with Santa best cute! And SHRINKY DINKS!!! Amazing. Do you think they still make them?

Diane said...

i have no idea if they still make them...but i LOVED them when i was a kid. watching them shrink in the oven was so much fun. i don't think kids today would think much of them though...

Georgia said...

sooo cute! i love old photos xx