Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carey in W Magazine

To be completely honest I really don't know all that much about Carey Mulligan. What I do know is that I adore her style, and think she is just as cute as a button. When I came across this recent shoot for W Magazine I had to stop in my tracks.

Could this girl be more photogenic??? Breathtaking, right? Gosh, I wish I could pull off short hair like her (I tried it super short once when I was 16...not a good look on all).

To see more photos from this shoot stop on over to W Magazine. What do you think of this shoot???



Aline said...

she is so gorgeous.. def a style icon!

Kimberlee said...

OMG you don't know her?! She was on Dr. Who, an amazing actress, dated Shia LaBeouf hehe I know too much about her :p But yes love her style and love her posing with the chipmunk hehe

Diane said...

kimberlee- well i know of her...but i don't think i ever saw any of her films. :P