Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Polka Dot Love

I absolutely love polka dots. They are such a huge trend right now. Actually...I feel weird calling them a "trend" because were they ever actually out of style? This print has been the must have look for so many people...for so many years! My absolute favorite way it is worn is on a dress. Polka dots have that vintage feel that make a simple dress look so classic and chic.

Cameron Diaz wore a beautiful black and white Christian Dior dress while in Paris for Couture Fashion Week. Don't you just love this look on her? I mean, if she wore this exact dress in a solid color she would still look pretty...but trust me when I say that we wouldn't be making a big fuss over her look. The polka dots are the star of this look. Beautiful Cameron...beautiful!  

Now, not many of us can afford to wear a Christian Dior dress...but there are so many affordable options out there that all of us can deck out our closet in spots!

Lindy Hop Lovely Dress available at ModCloth- $82.99

Midi Dress in Mesh Spot available at ASOS- $55.51

Sweet Dots Forever Dress available at ModCloth- $69.99

Dropped Dots Dress available at Anthropologie- $158.00

Will you be wearing a polka dot dress any time soon???


anhesty said...

totally loving the polka dot dresses...

my mini bag said...

I think polka dots is a trend that will never die. You can find it in all generations! Love the look.

Thanks for sharing.


Diane said...

it's so classic! right???

Julie Khuu said...

Love the little graphic b/w dots but what I'm really after are the huge statement making circles! Full skirt, bright bold dots, very Mad Men-esque...so gorge and retro!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

two birds said...

ahh, that green asos dress is amazing! what a fun dress...and yes, anything polka dot is good in my book!

Gia said...

Indeed she looks stunning:)


t said...

Nice dresses!


Olivia McMichael said...

Ahh you know i love Cameron! Did you see her in the new In Style?? Awesome clothes...