Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kate Middleton Recycles Her Wardrobe

I think many of you know how much I adore Kate Middleton. What could make me love her more? The fact that she isn't afraid to wear her gowns more than once. I mean she doesn't have to...she's a princess for crying out loud! But, I think if I were in her shoes I would want to wear some of the amazing dresses over and over again because they are so beautiful.

What I want to know is what my readers think of the way she styled this look? The gown is stunning on her...but I guess I wish should would have made the two looks a little different. I really like the red clutch with the lace Temperley gown. But maybe she could have wore a red lip and a necklace or something. What are your thoughts???


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AsianCajuns said...

I agree with you 100% on everything:

1) KMid (nickname here for her) recycles here clothes -- such a good message!

2)She looks gorgeous in the Temperly dress

3) A red lip would have been perfect. Though now that I think about it, she always plays it really safe with her make-up, so I guess it makes sense she didn't try that out.

Even though her style is conservative (I know she has to be), Cath and I find it inspirational because it isn't trendy, she reuses, and it really is a style and not a fashion statement.