Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting In The Brooklyn Groove

I have a few vacation days to use up at work, so I'm enjoying some time off. Such a great time to have a week off of work...the weather is so lovely here in Brooklyn! The snow is practically all melted, and it was even warm enough that I could wear my favorite fall coat. 

coat- H&M
dress- H&M
cardigan- Joe Fresh
purse- Nila Anthony via Spotted Moth
tights- ?
booties- Urban Outfitters
bracelet- gift

We are finally starting to settle in to our new apartment and neighborhood. Boxes are almost all unpacked. I never in a million years would have thought that we would love Williamsburg as much as we do. I'm so happy we moved here, and even happier that we signed a two year lease. HOORAY BROOKLYN!

It's so crazy that Christmas is in a few days! I have practically all of my shopping done. Thanks goodness! Just have a few more small items to buy. 

How are you all managing your holiday shopping? 


AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

I spent a long time debating about that coat. I love it but don't really need it. Now I'm wishing I had bought it because it looks so good on you!

I still have a little bit more shopping to do. I'm going to try to avoid the mall this weekend and do my shopping at local boutiques, but I might have to breakdown and deal with the mall crowds - blah!

Diane said...

Cath- yeah i originally wanted just a military style coat...but loved how edgy the pleather sleeves made it look. what i loved about this particular one is that it was so inexpensive! i saw some designer brand well as another one at zara that was a bit more than i wanted to spend on it. an added bonus for can order it ONLINE! no dealing with crowds necessary...

Diane said...

Cath- i almost forgot...i was actually finishing up some shopping at a local store in my neighborhood today, and found the cutest thing MAPTOTES! i got some adorable wine totes with brooklyn on them. can't wait to give them as gifts.