Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fashion Icon of the Week

"I think women should definitely choose the things that are important to indulge on or, you know, the areas where they need to save. You have to be mindful of things but not completely deprive yourself. I know that my favorite lipstick is also drugstore bought and it makes me feel good to go and just swipe some color on, it's a pick me up and those things go a really long way. Does that make sense? You know, you have a personal gauge of what's important to you style-wise."

-Lindsay Price (from SavvySugar interview)



Pop Champagne said...

cute. yeah I agree, some things I wouldn't mind paying an arm and a leg for but others I buy bulk from Walmart. Like socks :)

anhesty said...

yes indeed! i agree!

thanks for the comment!

Fell4fashion said...

I love Lindsay Price! She's one of my faves!