Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sheila Frank's Fall '10 Show/After Party

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to attend Sheila Frank's Fall '10 presentation. I met up with Jen and Kelly (my giveaway winners)...and can I just say, they were so nice and fun. It was lovely meeting you both!!!
myself, Kelly, and Jen

Sheila Frank explains that her collection entitled "Death by Paparazzi" will show us how it feels to be modern day royalty amidst the chaos of stalkers, adoring and sometimes obsessed fans, angry outbursts, and most-importantly the threat of violence.

This collection was bright and bold in shades of red, white, and plum. I just loved the color choices and the styles. Jen, Kelly, and I were talking and all agreed that everything in the collection was very wearable. Personally I loved the blazers she designed!

Check out more photos from her presentation, as well as pictures from the after party after the jump.

Photographs by Meg Urbani were displayed throughout the space.

Sheila Frank and myself

Kelly and Jen were having a little too much fun!  :-P

posing with Keiko Lynn


 Amanda and Anna...super sweet girls from Harrisburg!!!

To see the rest of my photos from yesterday (yes, there are more!) please CLICK HERE.


Gladys Lopez said...

I just read Jen's blog about her opportunity to go to the show! it looks like you guys had a lot fun. you guys are soooo lucky! :D

Cafe Fashionista said...

Please be aware that I am DYING!!! I love, love, love the premise behind the collection - "Death by Paparazzi." Such a clever idea. And you look absolutely stunning, Diane - outfit choice equals BEST EVER!!!

Jen and Kelly are adorable. And Nubia. And Mary. And Sheila. So glad you had a good time!! :)

Jen said...

Ahhhh! I'm loving these pictures, I might steal some for my post regarding Sheila's show :)
I had so much fun. Thanks again for an awesome afternoon!!!

Diane said...

jen- of course you can use my pics!
p.s. i hope you get our camera back soon!!!
p.p.s. how's your foot??? did you hobble to the train station? :P

Jen said...

i hope i get my camera back as well...i'm having separation anxiety! and i ended up hobbling to the subway instead of walking haha :P

xoxo Kellz* said...

aww these pics are great Im gonna steal them and I loved how u explained the concept of shelia franks show...I could never had explained it quite as I might steal your explanation too lol....hope u dont mind.
Thx 4 a great time!!

Diane said...

kelly- i can't wait to see your photos too!!! :)