Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Style

Today I'm playing it very casual...jeans and a tunic. I threw on a crocheted cardigan since it was very cool out this morning. I'm really ready for it to be fall already. This in between weather is driving me crazy. Too hot for half of my wardrobe, yet too cool for the other half. ARGH!!!

jeans- Old Navy
tunic- Sparkle from Urban Outfitters
cardigan- Lucky Brand
shoes- Charlotte Ronson

Oh yeah, I don't think I showed you guys the AMAZING Charlotte Ronson platfom sandals I recently got via Gilt (for free!!!). I'm so in love with them. They make me insanely tall.  :-)

p.s. I really need to paint my toe nails. ewwwww!


xoxo Kellz* said...

aww its a post if uuu lol n those shoes r to die 4 goshness!!

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Love those shoes- and you do look insanely tall! How easy are they to walk in? My favorite 6 inch pair has me stumbling- harumph- and usually I can handle my heels.

Diane said...

lar- they are actually really easy to walk in. i did wear them this past weekend though and got INSANE blisters. but that was because i didnt realize just how much walking i'd be doing in them (up and down stairs). so i blame myself for that.