Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Favorites

I seriously cannot believe it is the end of August already. Kids are heading back to school, the weather is cooling off (slightly), and before you know it the leaves will be changing color. I do love autumn. Dressing is so much more fun during this season. Don't you agree? Layering and experimenting with different styles is much more easier and fun...you can add a jacket or scarf and don't have to worry about that darn heat!

I really don't have extra money to do any shopping for fall right now...but a girl can dream right? Here are some pieces that made it on to my wish list. What do you think???

Fall Favorites

What would be on your shopping wish list for fall? Will you be trying any new trends, or sticking to what you know works best on you?

1 comment:

issa said...

i'm back!!! sorta.. lol love those booties.. that heel!!