Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lookin' Fab

One of my favorite all time looks is a little black dress and bright red lipstick. It is so simple and so chic...and everyone can do this! It's so effortless, but will leave you looking like a million bucks.

Here Charlize Theron is showing you exactly what I mean. Okay, I know...Charlize looks amazing in anything! She could wear a garbage bag and look like a goddess. But just look at the elements of this look. There is no reason you couldn't recreate it and look fabulous!

What do you think of this look? Classic or boring???


AsianCajuns Lar said...

For some reason I look really goofy in red lippy, but yes, always a black dress! I love this look on Charlize too -- you so often see her in elegant gowns. An elegant cocktaily dress is a nice almost-change ;D

Diane said...

oh Lar, everyone can wear red lipstick! some of the women at work were just saying the same thing to me the other day. you just have to find that right shade of red...and not be shy about it. it's a bold move! but just own it!