Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood

As soon as I woke up this morning I was beyond excited to hear that it was in the low 50s! HELLO AUTUMN! I have been waiting for this cooler weather for quite some time...mainly so I could wear my new faux fur coat. It's not heavy enough for winter I have to give it as much attention in fall as possible.

Today was also a great morning to go for a walk around my neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). I definitely wanted to stop by this new mural that Kobra just put up last week. It is amazing! I mean, his work always is, but this mural made the art history major in me swoon.

Even Rocko liked it!!!  :-)

A staple in my wardrobe has to be black booties. I just realized that I have five pairs of short black ankle boots...and I don't think that is enough. Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed. What is your must have wardrobe staple???

dress: Forever 21 (now on sale!)/ faux fur coat: H&M/ tights: H&M/ belt: Kohl's/ fringe purse: H&M/ booties: Silence + Noise available at Urban Outfitters (now on sale!)/ hat: H&M

Rocko and I might look happy here but we're both sick. I think I'm coming down with the cold my husband had last week (ugh!), and poor little Rocko is having the worst allergy attacks lately. I have to call the vet this morning, and hopefully his doctor can see him today. Fingers crossed! I hate it when this fluffball isn't feeling well.


AsianCajuns Lar said...

Hi Lovely!

This outfit is gooorgeous! And I am totally 100% with you on black booties. I've had my pair from COS for a year and wear them more than any other shoe in my closet.
Hope you and Rocko feel much better soon!


asiancajuns (cath) said...

Love this look on you! I'm so sorry you and Rocko aren't feeling well. It's this changing weather - it's the worst! Our golden doodle has really bad skin allergies at the moment.

I think black ankle boots might be my wardrobe stable too. I have four pairs and i just bought another pair - eep!

Hope you feel better soon!

xoxo, Cath

Diane said...

lar & cath you are so sweet! and thank you...i'm feeling much better. i think all the resting, tea drinking, and my husband's homemade chicken soup helped...a LOT! and rocko is also feeling better. he got a shot of antibiotics, has to take steroids for a few weeks, and has a special shampoo to use for the next two weeks. he'll be okay. it was just a bad skin infection from the allergies. poor guy!!!

libys11 said...

that coat is pretty fab!!! Love it!

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Yolanda B said...

I love that wall....really cool!! xoxo

Diane said...

libys11- thank you! i love it too :)

Yolanda- isn't it AMAZING??? i'm obsessed with it.