Friday, April 30, 2010

Would You Wear This?

Not everyone can wear lime green and look fabulous...but I gotta give credit where it is due. Christina Ricci looks amazing in this hue. BUT there is one thing that I really don't like about this dress...the waist...or lack there of. I think this dress would look much more complete if it had a black belt of some sort.

What do you think? Would you wear it???



vintagewithatwist said...

no i would look terrible in that dress!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I could NOT wear that dress. I just couldn't. I agree with you on the waist, though I do love the dramatic neck detailing. That color would never look good on me. But overall I think she looks fantastic!

CC said...

I think I would wear a neon green mini dress, not a gown as that would be a tad too much. Agree with you on the fact that a black belt would definately pulled the look together.

Jessica said...

I agree with you, a belt would have been a lovely addition to the dress. Maybe with a few vintage rhinestone pins attached. But I also like the dress on it's own. She has such a quirky style, so I think this works well for her.