Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion Icon of the Week

"Any character, you leave behind, because I just love feeling like me. I can't explain it, I just have felt, going through adolescence, you play versions of yourself and you're always afraid to be yourself. Well, I was, anyway, for fear of being mocked, criticized, or rejected. So I just love being me."

~Thandie Newton



Dream Sequins said...

This makes me love her even more. I've always been a fan of her beauty and her choice of roles.

Dream Sequins said...

Oh PS: do you remember her from a little movie called Flirting with Nicole Kidman where Thandie played the only black girl in an Aussie boarding school in the 60s? Loved that movie so much!!! I have to watch it again.

Diane said...

i love her too!
i've actually never seen that movie. i'll have to add it on my netflix!

Jen said...

she is such a stunning lady. great pick for fashion icon of the week. love her simple and sophisticated style :)