Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cover Story

Something that I love to do when I'm bored is checking out different issues from around the world of my favorite magazines. For instance, I recently was browsing the many sites of Vogue and came upon so many fabulous (and totally different) covers. It's really interesting to see the trends from all over the world!

Check out some of Vogue's covers for February 2010---






Which cover is your favorite? I think my favorite out of this bunch has to be the UK's. The cover is so soft and feminine. I adore the colors used.

So the next time you have nothing to do and you feel as though you have read just about everything online, check out some international reading material. Or if you don't have the energy, check back here time to time. I think I'm going to start making this a feature on Snapshot Fashion.



monica w said...

i love contrasting cover stories from alll over the globe!

excited that you're making this a regular feature

i think my favourite is vogue nippon - i think it's just because i feel more magazines should put models back on the covers instead of overdone celebrity cover stories - it's fashion not us weekly

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love Japan. I think I have hair envy!

Nubiasnonsense said...

They are all pretty in my opinion but I agree I like the soft touch of the U.K covers

Marjorie said...

love this post :) just bought that last vogue cover today.
stop by some time xx

Etrapar said...

my fav is Spain...I want to go there someday, and I will *.^